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IAA-CSIC PIIISA 2014 started.

GAIA week in the IAA-CSIC


The next 19 december will be launched the ESA space mission GAIA. The IAA-CSIC celebrates this moment with several activities for the general public.

Opening of the exhibition "Con A de Astrónomas" involving the IAA-CSIC.


Opening of the exhibition "Con A de Astrónomas" involving the IAA-CSIC.

The IAA-CSIC and the PIIISA project awarded in "Ciencia en Acción 2013"


First prize for two IAA-PIIISA projects, and Honorable Mention for "The Strange Case of Henrietta Leavitt and Cepheid Erasmus" in the fourteenth edition of "Ciencia en Acción"

An astronomer from the IAA, invited to the first “Cátedra de Excelencia Guillermo Haro” at the INAOE for 2013


The Catedra is part of a programme that supports visits to INAOE of top international researchers in Astrophysics and Astronomical instrumentation

The Big Van Theory (científicos sobre ruedas)


The Big Van Theory: The stand-up comedy meets the science

Representation of IAA at a scientific meeting organized by the Spanish Embassy in London


The meeting is framed in a planetary science conference and will have two Spanish and two British researchers as speakers

Researchers' Night at IAA-CSIC


The IAA-CSIC participates in the Researchers' Night

The Guillermo Haro 2013 (INAOE, Mexico) organized by a IAA researcher


One of the main issues will be the project CALIFA (Calar Alto Legacy Integral Field Area), led from the Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia (IAA-CSIC) and developed at the Calar Alto Observatory

Honorable Mention in the contest Ciencia en Acción for the Henrietta Leavitt´s videoblog


The project "The strage case of Henrietta Leavitt & Erasmus Cefeido" has received a mention in "Ciencia en Acción 2013"