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Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía headquarters



Welcome to the Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía (IAA). The IAA is an institute of Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) in Granada - Andalucía. The activities of the IAA (CSIC) are related to research in the field of Astrophysics and the development of instruments for telescopes and space vehicles.

These webpages are intended to present our activities as well as useful information both for other professional institutions devoted to astrophysics research as well as for those interested in learning something more about the IAA and astrophysics in general.

From the front page on, an explanation is provided of the structure and organization of the IAA, followed by general information concerning our technological and scientific research in addition to all the activities we consider of general interest.

The pages of each department provide basic information: the staff, research lines, projects under way and research results. The navigator will also find more specific and varied information on each of the individual pages of the IAA staff.



The IAA has made it a general scientific objective to help increase the bulk of knowledge about our universe, from the closest at hand, our solar system, to an overall scale of the entire universe, improving descriptions and analysing the physical processes that take place there. The nature of this aim demands a multi-disciplinary approach, requiring a combination of theory, observation and technology in different areas of physics and engineering. Although the IAA is a centre for pursuing basic science, we are aware of the role that astrophysics plays as a user and producer of new technologies.

To achieve our overarching objective, different scientific programmes are being undertaken with specific aims and timetables, encompassing four large areas of astrophysics: the solar system; star formation, structure and evolution; galaxy structure and evolution; and cosmology. Basic science has been and continues to be the motor for training scientific and technical staff, as well as for stimulating the development of other disciplines. The history of the IAA clearly depicts the observational function of the centre.

The telescopes installed in the Sierra Nevada Observatory (OSN), reflect a scientific policy with the clear objective of ensuring continued access to observational means to undertake far-reaching scientific projects. This fact adds singularity to the centre and at the same time offers the challenge and incentive for research at the IAA. The design and construction of instruments for the OSN, as well as others to be carried in special space vehicles, not only serve as support for basic research by the different teams of the IAA, but also represent activity of prime importance for the appropriate combination of research and development.


General goals and objetives

The Andalusian Astrophysics Institute upholds, as its principal aim, research in astrophysics, this being taken as a multidisciplinary pursuit. This includes both purely theoretic as well as observational projects, such as those that involve the development of instruments (for telescopes on Earth and for spacecraft) and computational tools.

Area of Scientific Membership

The area of scientific membership of the IAA within the CSIC is: "Physical Science and Technologies".

Date of creation

The IAA was created as its own centre within the CSIC in July 1975.

Brief history of the IAA


Postal Address

  • Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía (CSIC)
    Glorieta de la Astronomía, s/n
    18008 Granada
  • Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía (CSIC)
    Apdo. 3004
    18080 Granada 
  • Tel: 958 121 311
  • Fax: 958 814 530

Reaching the IAA

Map to reach the IAA

To reach the IAA you have several options: 

  • By Plane: Take a taxi to the IAA or your hotel directly. There are some buses from the aiport to Granada, but they are not syncronous with the planes...
  • By Train: When you arrive to the train station, ask for Av. de la Constitución and take bus number 21 to Puerta Real. This bus has a bus stop in front of the IAA.
  • By Bus: When you arrive to the bus station, take bus number 10 to Av. de America. The last stop is near Av. Primavera, quite close to the IAA (see map).
  • By Car: See map below.


Map to reach the IAA by car from the Ronda Sur of Granada