Stellar Physics Department

The research activity of the department can be divided in two main thematic blocks. In the first block several aspects of the stellar physics are studied, among them; the stellar variability, the stellar statistics, the stellar clusters, the stellar pulsations, the stellar atmospheres, the stellar evolution, or the asteroseismology. The second research area is focused on the study of transient objects, ranging from close meteors to distant Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRBs). Most of the studies carried out for these transients deal with the final stages of the stellar evolution, i.e, neutron stars, magnetars, and very specially GRBs, for which an intense research activity is ongoing.

Both thematic blocks are supported by solid instrumental projects, both from the ground (CARMENES, T35, BOOTES, OCTOCAM) and from space (COROT, Kepler).

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