Plasmas in Planetary Atmospheres

The research carried out in this line is focused on studying plasmas and electrical discharges that occur within planetary atmospheres. Presently our research aims at understanding the nature of Transient Luminous Events (TLEs) as, for instance, Sprites and Halos occurring in the Earth mesosphere, as well as their possible impact on the chemical and electrical properties of the atmosphere of the Earth.

In order to get our goals, we follow two approaches. On the one side, we use and develop models to study the atmospheric kinetics and electrodynamics of TLEs and, on the other, we develop instrumentation, partly developed by the Instrumental and Technological Unit (UDIT) of the IAA, to measure TLEs properties to compare with our model predictions. The group on Transient Plasmas in Planetary Atmospheres (TRAPPA) is a young research group (it was created at the end of 2008) formed by five members, two of whom are research engineers,

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